A filmmaker available in Paris and ready to go abroad to interview and produce tv reports. Editor (Final cut with motion graphics) as well as a camerawoman. Skilled at directing actors. 3 point lighting, lavalier mike, HD camera. Responsible of lighting, sound and shooting with our own kit and transport. Shooting on rollerblade (pro) if wanted.

Created in 2003, HITOFILMS is a TV-production company located in Paris, France. Its international team offers groundbreaking ideas in regard to concepts, scripts, titles, music, editing : a fully integrated effort. Hitofilms’program catalog includes documentary, sketches, reality-TV formats, and more. All formats can exist in both French and English versions. Voice-overs. Postproduction in strict deadlines. We already have famous international luxury brands as clients : HERMES, L'OREAL, DORMEUIL, SANOFI-AVENTIS, etc. The HITOFILMS short programs are made to correspond totally with the brand image of your company.


Happy new shots !


We have the ability to coordinate everything for you.
Our team leader, Pauline de Chassey, have studied in New-York City, USA. She used to go to the States at least twice a year.
Her good skills can make you relax regarding the outcome.
More than 10 years of pratices in all the forms of event promotion and management.

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